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 In connection with the 20th Anniversary of APG School, a Fun Day, with the theme “20 shades of joyful learning” was realized. March 16, 2017, was a day of fun and enjoyment. Administrators headed by Mr. Mohammed Moosa Al’aali, Chairman of the School Board, Ms. Ebtisam Al- Zeera, High School Principal, Ms. Iqbal Nawaf, Primary Principal, Ms. Shahla Anbreen, Vice-Principal and all coordinators were directly involved in all the activities happening around the school. Students and teachers wore casual clothes of different shades. This was a manifestation that variety of shades was present on that day.

Each subject area prepared an activity where strategies can be applied in order to win. Science department prepared “Fils” in the box where one should drop the coin exactly at the center of the small box. Another, English department organized a “Dart a balloon game”. In addition, Math organized “Bottle Shooting” where one will gain points for each bottle, while Art/Music department was doing a “Face Painting”. Arabic and French, Social Studies, Religion/Social/ Life Skills arranged “Balloons and Cups game”, Spin N’ Win and traditional games respectively.
Jumping castles were set up where students could enjoy the breathtaking and thrilling experience of sliding down from a high rise inflated structure with friends. Grade 9 classrooms were venues of PlayStation Tournament where fanatic students of these games were totally engrossed and highly competitive. Horror house offered a different kind of experience. Be thrilled, shocked, amazed and panicked to the scariest moments inside.
Varied types of sumptuous food were served to fill up the energy lost like ice cream, popcorn pizza, cotton candy just to name a few. Every corner of Aradous, Tylos and Awal grounds were never left empty.
APG has 20 shades of joyful learning. A joyful learning which captivates the thrill of true learning- the curiosity, the passion, the collaboration, the connection, the effort, the fun, the pride and the sharing. Joyful learning speaks to both the learning process, where there is considerable evidence that focuses on techniques that we would describe as joyful are far more effective.