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Injaz Internship in GPIC



Injaz Internship in GPIC  : 
To 2017/02/08

Injaz has organized an internship for the company program members in which the CEO of the company and the vice presidents were invited to attend. The internship was scheduled on the 6th, 7th and 8th of February from 9 am to 1 PM in GPIC. The first day of the internship involved a brief introduction about GPIC and its departments. Students were asked later to introduce their company and the structure of the company and their Marketing plan.
The second day of the internship the students were introduced to members of different departments where they have given brief presentations about managing the tasks. The departments that made presentations were the marketing department, the financial department and the HR department. Each department was meant to give specific details about how to create a strong and successful department where it impact affect the progress of the company positively.
On the last day of the internship the students were given the privilege of meeting the CEO of GPIC Mr. Abdulrahman Aljawahri who gave a small speech encouraging the students to work hard and be competitive in the competition.  On the last two hours of the internship, the students were asked to outline their plans for their company and set deadline for each task that they are aiming to achieve.