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APG's First Alumni Reunion Ghabga



APG's First Alumni Reunion Ghabga : 
It is time to reminisce about the past, talk about the present and look forward to the future

"Arabian Pearl Gulf School aims to educate, empower, and enable all students to become global citizens who can succeed in an ever-changing world. Once you graduate from APG, you become a life-time member of the school community. Year after year, the family of graduates is growing. Wholehearted and relentless efforts are poured into shaping the students of APG School into well-rounded individuals. The school takes pride in its alumni, who have shown commitment to excellence and have been making their way through life with a dynamic spirit.
In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of APG School. First Alumni Reunion Ghabga has held on 16th – June at Adhri hall – APG Pre-School organized by Ms. Zainab AlSairafi with 8 Students from GR 11. The reunion aimed to gather all the graduates From Classes 2010 – 2016 It was unique opportunity for the alumni to reminisce and network  It’s constructive again and rehash those old memories with their fellow schoolmates in this gathering, as well as provide ongoing and goodwill support for Apg graduates. The ritual of a reunion is helpful to remind the Apg graduates where they came from and what direction their lives have taken. Our Alumni are succeeding in many fields of study including medicine, law, engineering, media, business, design and many more; nonetheless, it is definitely pleasing to know that APG alumni have proceeded with their higher education in many prestigious universities all around the world, starting from Bahrain and other neighboring countries UAE for instance moving on to further distant countries like Egypt, Malaysia, China, France, UK and the US.
On the event, we commemorate the establishment of the school in its 20th anniversary and go back in time to how we started, we ought to pay the good old days a visit, celebrate our successes and plan for a brighter future filled with more accomplishments - It is indeed a proud moment to us all!