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SPED Masterpieces Exhibit



SPED Masterpieces Exhibit : 
Access and Empowerment for all Abilities- Date 23rd to 26th May 2016

 A celebration of creativity and artistry was held from 24th to 26th of May 2016 at Tylos Building. Several masterpieces from our Special Needs students where put to display. The works of arts were done in collaboration with the SPED Unit and the CAS team. Our SPED students were paired with the students from grade 11 to mainly promote socialization and to boost the self confidence of both the SPED and the CAS student who were partnered to come up with an art work. It was truly amazing to see such a bond from students of different grade levels, considering that each individual student possess different abilities, strength and weaknesses. Here in SPED, we believe in holistic development of a child, we provide them with ample activities and practice to promote academic learning and behavioral development.