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VOICES 2016 : 
to the 2nd May

           With the aim of developing strongly the inherent talents of the APG students to become well-rounded individuals, the English Department spearheaded the VOICES from the 20th of April to the 2nd of May 2016, where students from Grade 1 to Grade 8 showcased their potentials in a variety of presentations.

         Having the theme, “Empowering Life-long Learners”, Voices had a different event everyday for each grade level which are as follows: Grade 1- Speech Contest- “ A Talk about Someone I Love, Grade 2-  Show-and-Tell Contest, Grade 3- Storytelling Contest, Grade 4- Poetry Recitation Contest, Grade 5- Skit Contest, Grade 6- Spin and Win, Grade 7 and 8- Prepared Speech Contest.
        Among the many contestants who performed brilliantly, the following were hailed as first place winners of their respective competition: Kawther Abbas Ahmed (1G) ; Sara Husain (2G) ;Dana Hassan Ali (3D);  Noor Abbas Mohammed (4A);  Mohammed Abdulla Mohammed, Hussain Faisal Abbas, Ali Hussain Yousif, Mohamed Labber Hassan, Yousif Hussain A. Hameed (5D);  Moosa  Jaafar, Hassan Hussain, Abdulla Murtadha, Ali Osama (6F); Saleh Dhaif Hussain (7F) ;Qassim Mohammed Shamtoot (8E).
         In general, the annual event was truly successful and rewarding because of the hardwork of the versatile English teachers and the unfailing support and guidance of Dr. Roditha V. Hidalgo, Department Head, Ms. Shahla and Ms. Iqbal, Vice- Principals and Ms. Ebtisam Al-Zeera, Principal.