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APG School Goes Green!



APG School Goes Green! : 
Annual Art Week

As the earth continuously experiences global warming and other environmental issues, APG aims to participate on the advocacy of saving it by involving the students to activities that give them an awareness of the issues and how they could help in their own little way.
On February 29-March 3, APG held its annual ART week event. This year, it collaborated with the UNESCO Foundation with the theme “Recycle for Green School.” It was participated by students from Grades 4-7. Each class was given a plant box to plant and decorate with recyclable materials. Students were motivated to come up with different ideas on how to make their own plant box appear beautiful with the use of the unimportant things they found at home.

Students said that this year’s Art Week is more interesting because it is something worthwhile, for most of them do not get to experience gardening in their own homes. It is an unforgettable learning experience that they could take as they grow.