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Professional Development Day



Professional Development Day : 
Conducted to APG Teachers

APG School believes in constant and ongoing improvement towards excellence. The changing trends and innovative techniques in the field of education require the schools to keep updated and prepared at all times. After having achieved, ‘Good’ in QQA review November 2015, the school management felt even more encouraged to work towards the achievement of ‘Excellent’ in the next review visit, due in three years’ time.
Keeping this goal in mind and in tradition with our constant ongoing struggle to improve, Sunday 28th of February was observed as a Professional Development Day for the teachers in APG School. The topics for the professional development sessions for the day were Differentiated Learning, Assessment for Learning, and Teaching Pronunciation in English. The highly qualified trainers from QHC and American Embassy (Teaching Pronunciation) were able to deliver some really good strategies to take learning to the next level. Another training session for the teachers was conducted on Wednesday 2nd of March, 2016. The topic for this session was improving Higher Order Thinking Skills inside the classroom.