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IB CAS Trip : 
Our G11 Students are back from their CAS Trip! - IB CAS International Immersion Programme

 Every year our Year 1 IB students go for an international immersion programme where they mainly aim to meet the 'Creativity, Activity and Service' learning outcomes in a different, challenging, and enriching environment . This trip helps to shape their personality traits, such as: leadership, teamwork, global citizenship​;​ and promotes open-mindedness and meaningful ​cultural exchange. This year, 21 students from Grade 11 spent their spring holiday from 22 January to 4 February in Malaysia. The students have worked in different social centres, including: elderly homed, orphanage and volunteering centre. They have also engaged in cultural activities in an international school, museum and a theater, and they had the opportunity to extend their creativity skills by painting, drawing, pottery making and learning traditional weaving and basket making. The trip was true experiential learning which students came out of with many goals achieved.