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Youth Talk



Youth Talk : 
First IVC

"For 5 years now, APG IB students have been actively engaged in dialogue with their peers in the USA via a series of inter-video conferencing (IVC) organised by the Global Nomad Group (GNG) for its Youth Talk program. The IVCs aim to promote a much better intercultural understanding between American and Arab youths, by openly discussing global issues that affect them, such as, technology, education, gender, youth, and the like. On Wednesday 18 November, our IB year 1 students had their introductory IVC with students of Berkshire Boarding School in Massachusetts, USA. One big difference in the IVCs this year is that students of both schools exchange views without a moderator, allowing a much fluid discussions of issues that matter most to them. Besides the 4 scheduled IVCs, students continue to reflect on the issues through the year by answering their Youth Talk Program workbook and by taking part in the discussions with their partner school on social media dedicated for them. For this activity, our IB students get CAS and TOK credits. But this is not why they look forward to the next IVCs, they do so because of their eagerness to express themselves as youth and to understand and be understood by others. This program helps our students develop skills for competent digital and global citizenship."