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IGCSE Team ‘Voices’ its Talents



IGCSE Team ‘Voices’ its Talents : 
IGCSE Department

 Flourishing the special gifts of the selected Grade 9 and 10 students on the 23rd of April, the most anticipated event of the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Department, the VOICES, was a resonating success and filled with joyous and proudest moments from the attendees.

                The program which was held inside the Aradous Hall was hosted by Mohamed Ahmed Almeel of 10C and Fatema Shafeeq of 10B. It started with the solemn reading of Holy Quran and singing of the National Anthem. Afterwards, Mr. Khalid, the middle and high school principal, welcomed everyone and shared how much excitement he was feeling that time.
                Also, to inspire the audience and the participants, our dear Head of School, Ms. Ebtisam Al-Zeera imparted some heart-rending words that deeply touched everyone. She mentioned how important the role of one’s voice is. She even compared it to a person’s fingerprint and how voice makes one distinct from others.
                To continue with the program, Fatima Abbas of Grade 9B read the mechanics and judging criteria and it was followed by the introduction of the panel of adjudicators. Ms. Jerah, Mr. Gilbert, and the chief judge, Ms. Marjorie comprised the expertise who had the herculean task of choosing the winner.
                Before proceeding with the speech choir competition, some of the grade 9 students showcased a commendable production number which entertained the audience. After applauding the performance, the first group of students coming from 9A set the bars high in delivering the piece creatively. Nevertheless, the grade 9B students also gave their hearts out when they performed on stage. Before pushing through with the last contender, the selected grade 10 students showed off a mind-opening intermission number themed on gender equality which was blissfully praised by everyone in the hall. Keeping up with the intensity, the last group from grade 9C similarly offered an interesting execution of the piece.
                While waiting for the decision of the judges, a video presentation about the highlights of last year’s VOICES was played. It was followed by the conferment of certificates of appreciation distributed by Mr. Khalid, Ms. Zainab, Ms. Iqbal, and Ms. Yhen. Thereupon, the school’s vice principal, Ms. Shalah, gave her closing remarks.
                Finally, the chief judge announced grade 9B as the winner of the speech choir contest. The group members received medals and certificates as accolades for their laudable interpretation of the poem titled ‘Desiderata’.