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VOICES 2019  : 

With the aim of providing APG students an opportunity to improve their speaking abilities, the English Department conducted the annual VOICES Events from March 17 to March 27, 2019 where students from Grade 1 to Grade 8 showcased their potentials in a variety of presentations that geared towards the acquisition of 21st century skills that have been identified as being required for success in the 21st century society.
Voices had a different competition every day for each grade level namely: Grade 1- Prepared Speech “My Best Friend”, Grade 2- Show-and-Tell, Grade 3- Storytelling, Grade 4- Poetry Recitation, Grade 5- Dramatic Monologue, Grade 6- Spin and Win, Grade 7 Prepared Speech and 8- “ Youth Talk” Prepared Speech Contest.
 Among the many contestants who presented, the following were hailed as winners of their respective competition:
Grade 1- Prepared Speech Contest “My Best Friend”: 1st Place- Marwa Abdulla Dhaif -1B, 2nd Place- Yousif Mahmood Kadhem-1C, 3rd Place- Batool Taher Saleh- 1F
Grade 2- Show & Tell Contest: 1st Place- Zahraa Ameer Abdulredha- 2A, 2nd Place- Fatima Mohammed Ghazwan-2B, 3rd Place- Fadhel Abbas Ali-2A
Grade 3- Storytelling Contest: 1st Place- Fatima Ebrahim Hassan-3F, 2nd Place- Zainab Ali Alakri-3E, 3rd Place- Zainab Abbas Abbas-3D
Grade 4-Poetry Recitation Contest: 1st Place- Nawraa Habib Almarzooq-4B, 2nd Place- Kawther Adel Alsayyad-4C, 3rd Place- Fatima Mahmood Hammad-4C
Grade 5-Dramatic Monologue Contest: 1st Place- Samaa Ahmed Abdulaziz-5A, 2nd Place- Fatema Ahmed Qarqoor-5A, 3rd Place- Mariam Ali Aseeri-5B
Grade 7-Prepared Speech Contest: 1st Place- Noor Abbas Ateya-7A, 2nd Place- Ayah Jameel Naser-7B, 3rd Place- Sayed Qassim Al Alawi-7D
Grade 8 -“Youth Talk Prepared Speech Contest: 1st Place- Sayed Ali Jaafar Haider-8E, 2nd Place- Ebrahim Tawfeeq Abdulla-8E, 3rd Place- Maryam Saleem Yateem-8E


The annual event was truly a huge success because of the hard work of everyone.