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IGCSE Prepares Grade 8 to the Next Level



IGCSE Prepares Grade 8 to the Next Level : 
Held by IGCSE Department

 To accustom the Grade 8 students a higher step in education, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Department spearheaded by its coordinator, Ms. Ruyena Caluyo, conducted an orientation regarding this Cambridge Curriculum on December 9, 2018 at the Awal Hall.

                While waiting for the parents, Ms. Yhen played a video to give the students an overview of what IGCSE Curriculum is and how the Cambridge learners should be. The video mainly talks about the traits of a Cambridge learner, feedback of teachers regarding the program, and students’ thoughts about the curriculum.
                Ms. Cristina, a grade 8 English teacher, welcomed the administrators, teachers, parents, and the students. She reminded the students on the rules they need to bear in mind during the whole period of the program. Mr. Khalid, the middle and high school principal, gave his welcome remarks. Also, he shared the importance and benefits of being part of the IGCSE Department.
                Orientation proper followed. Ms. Ruyena stated the objectives of the orientation. Mainly, the program aimed to inform the students about IGCSE. She started by defining what IGCSE stands for. An overview of the curriculum was also presented. In this part, Ms. Yhen put emphasis on having consistency in choosing the subjects they will enroll in. In addition to what the video talked about, the coordinator elaborated on the need to acquire and to possess the Cambridge learner attributes (being engaged, confident, responsible, reflective, and innovative). How the program will help students in university was also reiterated.
                Ms. Yhen, too, expounded on the IGCSE entry criteria. She then differentiated the two programs they can choose on, either core or extended. The core and foundation subjects offered in the program were also enumerated. The IGCSE coordinator also talked about the relevance of board exam results to International Baccalaureate admission. She also announced that this year board exam will start on April 29 and will end on the 15th of June.
                Sample tracks and required subjects were also given attention to. Furthermore, a brief discussion on how students are graded was presented. They were also informed about the type of paper under each subject. A brief talk on the department’s policies was also bestowed upon the grade 8 students so they will be prepared. Ms. Yhen imparted the support that the department gives to the students such as provision of remedial and enrichment program to the students who are academically struggling.
                Selected grade 11 students were also present to share how is like to be part in the IGCSE department. Most of them said that being in IGCSE provided them knowledge which they can apply in real world setting. It prepared them especially now that they are in IB diploma program. A grade 9 student, too, persuaded the grade 8 to be part of the department.
Afterwards, Ms. Ebtisam applauded those students who shared their experiences in the IGCSE Department. She even quoted what one student mentioned about marks: “Marks are important, but there are more important things to consider like personality and character. Marks do not define your personality”. Our head of school stressed on the importance of having a personal growth, which is one of the main goals of the IGCSE department towards its learners.
                Before the program ended, queries from the students and the parents were courteously entertained and answered by the IGCSE coordinator.
                The program ended with a heartfelt message from our Vice Principal, Ms. Shala, stressing on the relevance of making a choice and being responsible.