APG School's Kindergarten Department believes that developmentally appropriate curriculum is one that is age-appropriate, individually appropriate, and socio-culturally appropriate. Our kindergarten framework considers the developmental benchmarks of four to six year-olds and recommends the use of strategies that address the needs and interests of the learners. Our kindergarteners are constantly developing in the different domains (cognitive, language, physical, creative and aesthetic, socio-emotional, and values and character). Thus, beginning at an early age the child must be cared for and given all the opportunities to address current developmental needs and prepare him/her for lifelong learning. Classrooms, therefore, should be multi-level because kindergarteners will differ in their development in each domain. The following are situations that a kindergarten teacher should put to mind:

  • Every classroom is a multi-level classroom
  • Every teacher is a multi-level facilitator
  • Every learner is unique
  • Every learner has particular intelligence or intelligences
  • Every learner has his/her own learning styles
  • Every learner has his/her own particular needs
  •    a. Cognitive
       b. Physical
       c. Socio-emotional
  • Every learner has his/her own particular wants and interests
  • Every learning has a right to develop uniquely from the others

Ministry of Education (MOE)

The APG school certificate is accredited by Bahrain's MOE and is recognized by the GCC countries. All APG students who presented the school certificate were accepted because the certificate was authenticated by the Directorate of Private Education in the MOE.

APG Kindergarten Principal's Message

Ms. Sherine Eletriby

Kindergarten Principal

Dear APG Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Arabian Pearl Gulf Kindergarten website.

APG Kindergarten is proud to have your trust towards educating your child. Kindergarten stage is the cornerstone of child's personality formation. At APG Kindergarten, we aim to provide exciting learning experiences to all our pupils and develop caring individuals who can make a positive contribution to our society and to the world.

To achieve our aims, we have carefully adopted a well-rounded program to develop our pupils’ full intellectual, emotional, physical, and social potentials. We make sure that they are surrounded by a warm, safe, and secured environment. We also ensure that they are educated and taught by highly qualified staff.

Here at APG kindergarten, we believe that:

  • every child is a unique individual
  • all children deserve happiness and deserve to be given high priority and care
  • the happier the child is, the more progress he can make personally and academically
  • no child should be left behind for any reason
  • with genuine love and care impossible is possible.

Together with your cooperation, we can help our children blossom and flourish in a world that is full of great opportunities.

Thank you and have a blessed school year.

Sherine Eletriby

APG Kindergarten Principal